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We spend a lot of time tracking the latest critical vulnerabilities that crop up every day. Our systems will keep your windows devices monitored in real time, and will even try to patch them. Some times that’s not possible, if that’s the case we’ll jump on and remediate the problem. Trying to keep you as protected as we can at all times

What actually is this?

Keeping your devices patched is more than just making sure you have the latest version of Windows or OSX installed. Our agent will scan your device and network in real time, informing us of software, firmware updates whilst also monitoring for known critical vulnerabilities that have been released on the internet.

Why do I need this?

Keeping devices up to date and patched is a given, however being aware of the vulnerabilities that are known about is just as important. By knowing exactly what devices are there, what versions they are running we can put in mitigation if an update isn’t available. 

Key features:

• Runs automatically in the background at all times

• Remediation for endpoints carried out by the Coffee Cup Helpdesk

• Automated asset discovery

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