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Coffee Cup Solutions are proud to be a Microsoft Solutions Partner; showcasing our commitment, excellent service levels and expertise in Microsoft technologies. Our partner status signifies successful project delivery within the Microsoft ecosystem, with competence and dedication in high demand solution areas.

Our specific expertise areas cover Microsoft 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Cloud PC/Windows 365 and Intune.

Why choose Coffee Cup to manage your Microsoft solutions?  

  • EXPERTISE AND SUPPORT: We specialise in Microsoft technologies and have specific expertise in managing and optimising solutions.  Coffee Cup have a call response time of less than 20 seconds, ensuring  quick resolution of issues and minimising disruptions to your business.
  • SECURITY: Coffee Cup have enhanced security capabilities, implementing best practices and monitoring threats ensuring your data and applications are safeguarded against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
  • EFFICIENT MIGRATION: When adopting Microsoft Solutions, we will manage the whole process including data migration, user onboarding and ensure a smooth transition in minimal time.
  • SCALABILITY & FLEXIBILITY: We can help you scale your business as you grow by optimising resource allocation, license management and adapt the technology for changing requirements.
  • PEACE OF MIND: We will handle your routine tasks, updates and maintenance allowing you to concentrate on your strategic goals.
  • COST EFFECTIVE LICENSING: We can guide you to choose the right licensing, ensuring cost-effectiveness as well as insights into subscription models, and optimal pricing.

What your organisation can do with Microsoft

  • Microsoft 365 – access to apps, files, storage
  • Azure Virtual Desktop -a scalable and flexible solution for virtualising desktops and applications, enabling users to access their workspaces securely from any device.
  • Cloud PC / Windows 365 – access to cooperate resources securely on any device.
  • Intune – simplify app and device management across many devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and virtual endpoints.