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We’ll store the logs from your endpoints (Windows, OSX) and Networking Devices (Firewalls etc) offsite for at least 90 days

Our automated agents will make sure that all logs are constantly being uploaded and searched for anomalies

What actually is this?

Granted, this isn’t the most interesting part of the Assurance package, but it is important. By storing the logs away from the potentially compromised device, we can look back through them should something happen. By analysing the logs, we can see what was accessed, changed or breached for at least 90 days after the initial incident. Longer terms are available upon request.

Why do I need this?

Should you suffer a breach, its your responsibility to find out what has been accessed, and to try and work out how it happened. By storing the logs for your endpoints, networking equipment and Office 365 offsite, we can look at these logs even if they’ve been cleared from the affected device or service.

Key features:

• Automated agents on your devices submit their logs to our servers

• Anomalies detected and reported to our Helpdesk to check

• 90 Days storage minimum

• Adds the ability to troubleshoot and investigate should a breach happen, or to provide to a cyber security firm should the worst happen

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