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Cyber Essentials is a great standard that you should be looking to attain. All the tools we include with this package should allow you to pass the Cyber Essentials certification.

 We’ll also help you fill out the documentation after we’ve done a full audit.

What actually is this?

Cyber Essentials covers everything your business should do to protect itself from cyberattacks. Think of it as ‘cyber hygiene’ – a bit like washing your hands, brushing your teeth or wearing a face mask.

Simply being certified can reduce your cyber risk by up to 98.5%. And, it’s a great way to demonstrate to new customers and partners that you take cybersecurity seriously – helping you grow as well as stay safe.

Why do I need this?
  1. Reassure customers that you are working to secure your IT against cyber attack.
  2. Attract new business with the promise you have cyber security measures in place
  3. You have a clear picture of your organisation’s cyber security level
  4. Some Government contracts require Cyber Essentials certification

Key features:

• Help protect against common cyber attacks

• Prepares you to be GDPR compliant

• Enables you to bid for government contracts

• It shows customers and vendors that you take cyber security seriously

• We provide 20+ policies for your business

• We will help you get Cyber Essentials ready, then help you fill out the official documentation

• We will run annual Cyber Essentials audits on your business

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