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No matter if you’re in the office, or working on a shared WIFI, our web security firewall will keep your endpoint secure.

By automatically blocking nefarious traffic, or categories that you’ve deemed inappropriate for your company, we can help keep your team secure at all times

What actually is this?

This is an upgrade from our standard Antivirus tool to incorporate real time web scanning from your endpoint. The tool will sit in the background on your device and automatically block traffic that is deemed unsafe.

We can also block things like pornography, job sites etc on a company by company basis.

Why do I need this?

There are a lot of insecure and compromised websites on the internet, by real time scanning them and using smart AI we can help protect your team from phishing sites, data interception and proxy traffic around dodgy WIFI networks

Key features:

• Extra layer of protection for endpoints

• Block insecure or unproductive categories from being available on company devices

• Protects from things like man in the middle attacks on public WIFI

• Keeps traffic always end to end encrypted

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