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Office 365 is great, but the lack of backups included is a bit scary. Our Office 365 Backup solution will take a backup daily of all of your data. It even has checks to find ransomware lurking in your files and emails.

The solution is server to server and runs in the background to keep you protected at all times. No agents required on your endpoints

What actually is this?

Easy to use Office 365 Backups. This will backup your SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Exchange Online (emails) automatically, every day for a year (longer storage is available for an extra charge.

Keep your data securely backed up, offsite managed by our helpdesk.

Why do I need this?

Microsoft do not back up the Office 365 suite. There is a recycle bin for 90 days on files, however if you don’t realise a file or email has been deleted, it could be too late by the time you notice.

Key features:

• Runs automatically in the background, no matter if your device is online or not

• A years retention by default

• Restore files/emails yourself or have our helpdesk do it for you

• Malware scan on the backed up files

• Crypto scan on the backed up files

• 50gb of backup storage per user by default

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