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Defending against today’s advanced threats requires a new approach to email security.

With banners, warnings and manual checking by our support team, Ironscales’ best-in-class email security platform is powered by AI, enhanced by thousands of customer security teams and is built to detect and remove threats in the inbox.

What actually is this?

This is a web-based tool that will use AI to scan all incoming emails to make sure they are exactly what they say they are. By checking for things like user  impersonation or phishing attacks, it’s an extra piece of armor in your IT arsenal.

With easy-to-understand warnings, it helps keep your staff protected.

Why do I need this?

Email attacks are at an all time high. We’re seeing a huge rise in impersonation attacks (people pretending to be the boss, finance users etc.) , general phishing attacks and general spam. This tool will alert your team if an email isn’t right by using sophisticated AI.

Key features:

• Protect your staff from phishing and impersonation attacks

• Easy to understand warnings injected directly to the email

• The ability for your staff to ask us to verify any email they’re unsure about with one click

• AI system learns your team, VIPs and how you work to notice if something is different

• Phishing simulation with training – test your team to see who is more suspectable and requires extra help

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