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Keeper enterprise password management gives you and your team a secure place to keep their passwords.

With easy to use applications and browser plugins, Keeper will create your passwords for you, even let you share them with a team to stop people reusing passwords and writing them down.

It’ll even constantly monitor them to ensure they’re not on the dark web

What actually is this?

A password manager is a tool that lets you securely save your passwords. It also allows you to automatically create passwords for you when signing up for services, and then it’ll fill them in for you when you need to access the site. Stop storing passwords on post-its and in spreadsheets!

Why do I need this?

Passwords are a necessity these days, re-using passwords happens all the time. By using long, strong passwords and never needing to actually have them written down you can help keep you and your teams systems totally secure.

Key features:

• Shared passwords with your team – setup groups of people who all have access to the same passwords securely

• Dark Web Monitoring – we actively monitor the dark web  and will alert you if any of your passwords are ever breached

• Disable password access when a staff member leaves

• Securely share passwords with users

• Access your passwords on Windows/OSX/Phones/Tablets/Chrome/Firefox/Edge

• Automatically fill your passwords on websites

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