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Victims of Cyber Crime

Organisation Type: Electrical Infrastructure Contractor

Staff members: 30+

Customers: 1000+

The Story:

The business has been operational for 30+ years with no formal security measures in place, only a traditional support plan which was reactive for customers needs. Within the year of 2022 they suffered an internal data breach whereby a suspicious phishing link was clicked and a certified mailbox within the business was redistributing the phishing mail to the entire customer base

The Issues:

  • Company data had been exposed
  • Business was unaware of the breach until a customer forwarded back to business.
  • 1000s of customers received direct mails from the business with malicious content.
  • Intruder was attempting to access further into customers network.
  • This attack qualified for a registered data breach whereby average costs settle at £156 per identifiable piece of information to remediate.

After the attack occurred, Coffee Cup was onboarded to carry out a full audit of the business and to ensure should an attack happen again it is remediated and stopped instantly.

Best Practises Deployed:

  • Full AI email security with a full screen of each mail, this is then checked by the local support team in real time.
  • 24/7 EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) rolled out screening all applications installed on devices with real support agents stress testing applications of monitoring for suspicious activity.
  • Microsoft Intune deployed for all mobile units.
  • Full real time security checks of IT environment 24/7.

Since Assurance has been deployed, the business has continued to be attacked with the key difference now being that any threats are removed before they reach the end user. To this day we still have full visibility of attacks coming into the business, however none have managed to breach the business using our selection of Cyber Essentials tools.

Coffee Cup: Your Complete IT Solution Provider

IT Support and IT Service Management doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing it should just work, and when it doesn’t, fixes should be fast without impacting your business.

IT not only defends the security of your organisation, but it helps to streamline processes, and helps everything tick along more efficiently. Understanding the depths of IT and IT Support Services probably isn’t on your radar but that’s where we fit in. We get IT. Coffee Cup can be your complete IT Department.

We are committed to help improve your relationship with your IT. We can be on hand to support your business as much or as little as you need. Our helpdesk has a response time of less than a minute for any IT issues your team come across, as well as bespoke Software Development and larger IT Projects such as Cloud Migration, we cover everything!

Here’s some of the IT support Coffee Cup have to offer:


Additional IT Services

In addition to our fully managed IT support and IT services, we offer some really cool Advanced Services as one off projects for your business or on-going technical specialities. If you have a solid IT Department responding to your everyday needs, let us chat about the Additional Services we offer. Coffee Cup Solutions is one of two IT Service Management companies in the UK that are CITRIX Platinum Partners, offering both Workspace and App Delivery & Security technologies to businesses around the world!

Here’s some of the IT Services and projects we support:


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Would highly recommend Coffee Cup Solutions. They have a very responsive team with a high level of support and knowledge. Any problems we have had have been solved efficiently and professionally.

Sharon Branch

Great hosts and fantastic customer service ! Highly recommended !

Maciej Blautenberg

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