IT Support Bracknell

Bracknell is one of the regions that Coffee Cup Solutions can provide on IT Support Bracknellsite support in a timely fashion. Since we are based in Wokingham, we are only 4 short miles away from Bracknell should any issues arrive that can’t be solved via telephone support or remote support.

Technology should work for you, it shouldn’t be a chore to use. Let us show you how our IT Support skills can improve your working day.

Remote Support:

When a support request is made, either from our innovative Support Desk system or over the phone you’re guaranteed top quality support. Many problems can be fixed over the phone remotely, with us remotely controlling your computer. All support customers have a secure PIN to access our remote support. Our support team is based in Wokingham and is not outsourced overseas. They’re a friendly team who will patiently and efficiently work with you to fix the issue.

Ticket Support:

We offer ticket support which can be sent in via email. Ticket support is great for having  discussions with one of our technicians. Tickets can have more than one person added to them which allows collaborating. You can send us support tickets at any time including out of hours and they will be replied to on the next working day.

On Site:

We can be on your site in a few hours or in severe cases, under an hour. We provide on site support when it isn’t possible to solve or diagnose a problem via telephone or remote support.