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Antivirus and Firewall special offer

Are you protected?

One of our main jobs here at Coffee Cup Solutions is to provide proactive IT support to our customers. One of the ways we do that is with intelligent antivirus and firewall solutions, they help us detect and fix problems before they occur.

New Release: Tagi App

Take a peak at our latest development

Where are your pets right now?

A few months ago, someone approached us asking us to help them make their dream become a reality. They had an idea for a new app that really caught our eye.

Update your Security

Why updates are important Businesses usually deploy a large set of software for the smooth functioning of their business. It is common practice for firms to regularly update their software, to keep up with new security updates and bug fixes. As a convenient option, firms use the auto-update feature of the software to overcome the issue of regular monitoring of the application. Although this practice is widespread and a convenient option, there are several downsides to this.
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