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New Release: Tagi App

Take a peak at our latest development

Where are your pets right now?

A few months ago, someone approached us asking us to help them make their dream become a reality. They had an idea for a new app that really caught our eye.

We get approached all the time for new app ideas, some great, some…not so great. When we heard this idea we were sure that they were on to a winner and we were ecstatic when they chose to go with us for development.

Well, we’ve just released the first stable release of the application and we’re proud to showcase it to you all. You can download it at the TagiApp Website (which we made too 😉 )

The idea?

The app focuses on the general good nature of people and the strong relationship between people and their pets. An app where you can register little Fido (I have my not-so-little dog Ted registered!) through the app and if they go missing you can send an alert to everyone in a 5 mile radius of you who’s running the app to keep an eye out for your dog. If someone spots it, they just login to the app, view the local alerts and say you’ve spotted the pet leaving the owner with a nice message saying the pet’s been spotted – simple…but effective.

Take a peak at a video introduction

The technology

The app has been built as a phonegap application cross platform for IOS and Android backed up by data services run by Microsoft Azure for a fully scalable application.