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Email should be easy and just work…Right?

It’s fair to say email has come on a long way in the last 15 years. It’s been promoted from one of those things that helped a bit day to day to ‘oh my god, email isn’t working, I can’t do any work’. Luckily the technology has been promoted too.

It used to be years ago for a small business you use the free email service you get with your web-hosting, or if you’re a bigger company you had big expensive servers on-site that handled the job. These were fine a few years ago, but really aren’t required these days.

Google and Microsoft really changed the email game with their Google G Suite and Office 365 products. For years Microsoft were the industry leaders with their Microsoft Exchange service, it was a real game changer. It went from just having some text appearing in your inbox to fully synchronised calendars, automated rules, group emails, conversations pretty much everything companies rely on now.

Luckily these days, you don’t have to rely on expensive servers and licences to get the Microsoft Exchange setup. Microsoft really upped their game with their Office 365 service and then took it one step further, made it very reasonably priced.

Here at Coffee Cup Solutions, we pretty much always have an Office 365 migration on the go and we’re really good at it.

What does this give me?

  • All yours and your teams emails migrated to Office 365
  • Shared calendars
  • The ability to access it from anywhere, at any time
    • Mobile Devices
    • Web Browsers
    • Email Clients
  • Enterprise level security
  • Enterprise level reliability
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Huge mailboxes (and I mean HUGE)
  • Shared contacts

And so much more. Gone are the days of having to delete old emails or people having the emails they send you bounce back because your mailbox is full or your internet is down.

What’s even better is that we do all of the migration for you, after a simple consultation we work out the least disruptive way to move you and your team over. Simple.

Want to know more? Give our team a call on 0118 38 42 175 or email [email protected]