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Enjoying our Coffee Cup service, or do you appreciate the steps we take in deploying the correct solution for any customer in any business? Why not recommend us to a friend, colleague, or someone you bumped into at a coffee shop; you could be eligible for our HOT COFFEE Rewards.

We want to give a little back to our customers. Most of our business comes from recommendations so our Hot Coffee Rewards scheme is our way of saying “thank you”.

How it works

Referrals are valid for any of our managed IT and telecoms services and solutions. To claim your referral simply:

  • Enter details of your referral on the form below
  • We’ll contact you and your referral to discuss requirements
  • Once the referred company sign off, we’ll contact you to arrange your reward

How you’ll be rewarded

For any successful referrals, we’ll make payment directly to you or your company, offset it against your account (if you’re a client); or pay it to a charity of your choice – you choose from:

➢ Cash, cheque or choice of vouchers

➢ Credit note to your account, if you’re a client

➢ Donation to a charity of your choice

A discretionary amount will be paid in addition to the referring individual as an extra incentive!

Send a referral using this form

    For full details and terms and conditions, please contact your Account Manager or email [email protected]