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No More Paper Please!

The world is transitioning from physical to electronic document systems daily whether its in our homes for personal day to day activity or at our work place…. it’s the future!

Going paperless doesn’t happen overnight, it can take time and some effort especially at work. It can be intimidating making the initial switch but with the right systems it’s a necessity if you are going to compete in the business world, not just for clients but also for employees.

Gaining access to your documents electronically anytime and more importantly anywhere will reduce the time spent looking for paper that some one has physically filed in a cabinet or piled into a tray. Its estimated that an employee can spend one third of their time locating paper documents and that comes at a price! Electronically these can be shared which helps business processes, workflow and is more reliable.

Inevitability there is a cost saving on time and the actual stationary used but it’s the environment we all need to start considering. Paperless cuts down on deforestation and pollution leaving trees doing the dirty work absorbing carbon dioxide.

Lead the way, paper is expensive, set some goals and encourage everyone to transition to an electronic document, inform suppliers you are now paperless, they will no doubt already have a system that sends documents out electronically rather than in the post and its instant.

Coffee Cup Solutions finance department doesn’t accept any paper documents. This makes us compliant, secure with all vital information protected in cloud products which are easy to use for the whole company. Processes are swifter and easier to handle, choosing the right software solution has now been made easier with the competing providers encouraging you to try before you buy with free trails and demonstrations.

If you need help converting your company to paperless give us a call today on 0118 38 42 175 or email [email protected]