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Benefits of Remote Support

Remote Support

The times of an on-site IT engineer are behind us, here at Coffee Cup we offer various immediate remote support facilities. Live chat, phone, email are all ways of getting your IT problems sorted as soon as they happen. We have an arsenal of tools at our disposal ready to get your business back on track!

A range of benefits come with our remote support package but below you will find the key points.


“Ahhh no my printer isn’t working!” just jump on live chat and we will remotely investigate. There is no need for scheduling an engineer visit or waiting for one to become available – majority of printer problems are fixable remotely. All IT issues can be troubleshooted remotely, with as many as 98.1% of Coffee Cup support cases being resolved without the customer or the IT technician even having to leave their desk.

Along with our live chat facility, there are the obvious phone and email methods of contact. A Coffee Cup agent will always be available to speak to over the phone* as we know customers prefer to speak to a human and not feel like they’re talking to an automated robot via live chat!

*during support hours

Reduced cost

The obvious cost benefit for remote support is the lack of call-out fees, but the most important benefit is a rapid response time, therefore lowering the business impact time in which businesses cannot work. If a server hosted application is down, multiple users are unable to work, we can immediately remote on using our remote management software and use our cutting-edge tools to get the program functioning again.

Proactive monitoring/fixes

Our support package comes with 24/7 monitoring, from antivirus alerts to low disk space, we can be notified of potential problems before they impact your daily work and carry out fixes behind the scenes. This ensures no impact to your business; you won’t even know we’re there!

Extensive knowledge

From the team’s countless years in the different sectors of the IT industry, we can collectively troubleshoot and effectively resolve any IT issues you throw at us. Using our knowledge base and ticket system, we exhaust all resources to ensure any information required to accurately fix your issues is available to all of our staff. Even if you use a bespoke program, we take pride in learning how it is setup so that we can resolve future faults quicker.

Friendly faces

Say Hi! No matter the question or issue, we are always happy to speak to our customers. A healthy working relationship benefits both parties, so don’t be afraid to jump on support or give us a call even if the query seems silly. You will quickly get to know the team, we aren’t just a random call centre a million miles away, we pride ourselves in being the customer friendly support agents you enjoy speaking to at your time of need!

If you’d like to discuss the benefits of remote support for your business, we’d love to chat over a coffee.  Drop us a line at [email protected]