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Managing Email Signatures in 2018

Email has grown leaps and bounds over the years, with the ability to get it on your phone, your watch, your laptop – even your fridge if you really want. But there’s always been one part of it that quite frankly sucked. Signatures.

Signatures are great, I use them every day, they’re an easy way to give out useful contact information, privacy policies or even sales promotions you’re currently running.

Here’s what my signature looks like:

It’s simple, professional and to the point – exactly what I think a signature should be. The problem is though keeping it consistent throughout the company, or the enormous amount of effort it takes to update it if something changes.

Picture this, you’ve got a small team of 10 people. When they started it’s not too hard to copy and paste someone’s signature over and update the details. Takes 2 minutes and as long as you’re careful to check the details are right you’re ready to go. Then for whatever reason, you change your company privacy policy URL. You’ve then got 10 computers to log in, update the signature, potentially laptops, phones, tablets – that can easily be 40 devices you’re having to update (and when you’re doing that, it’s so easy to make a slight mistake or typo). Then you’ve got Dave, Dave likes to use a Mac where everyone else uses Windows. This isn’t really a problem, but getting the signature to be the exact same is enough to send the techiest of techies into tears.

These days you pretty much just need a username and password to login to your email and whatever device you’re using will automatically configure itself. Shouldn’t email signatures be the same?

Well, if you use Microsoft Office 365 (and most of our customers do) this is a possibility using a third party tool created by Code Two.  CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 uses cloud services located in Microsoft datacentres to process your emails in order to add auto-signatures to them.

This is basically a fancy way of saying it’ll let you configure a signature for your company, however you want and will automatically plonk it on the bottom of any emails you send, from whatever device, be it your phone, laptop, tablet or fridge.

Mailflow diagram

The best part is you can change it however often you want. Want to add a jolly Christmas message to all your emails or add your Christmas hours? Why not, it only takes a few seconds to roll out to all of your staff in one click.

No longer are the days of running around updating all your devices with new signatures.

There are a lot of other great features to this setup which we’ll be happy to talk to you about. Why not get in touch with our sales team on 0118 38 42 175 or email [email protected] for more information or to get started today.

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