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Backups in the cloud

Our easy guide to cloud backups

Companies big and small are facing a deluge of managing the huge amount of corporate information generated every day. Since data plays a critical role in the efficient functioning of any business, tools and processes associated with managing data are critical for optimal functioning of any organisation. It has become imperative for organisations to have a dependable and robust system to safeguard valuable business information. Understanding the value of business information, organisations have invested heavily in deploying data backup, recovery and restore solutions.

Gone are the days of tape/hard-disk based backups, understanding the criticality of data, firms are moving to the cloud as a more reliable option for backup solutions. Cloud-based backups provide certain clear benefits as detailed below.

Reliability & Speed of Recovery:

Any solution handling business critical information needs to be reliable and quick. A cloud backup and recovery system is efficient in backing up the designated data and it does so reliably and rapidly, without much user intervention. The recovery of such data in case of any unforeseen events is also very quick. So a cloud-based solution restores data regardless of the location of the system. By working with a managed service provider, you can establish recovery time objectives that match your business’s requirements.

Strong compliance safeguards:

Even if your company will continue to assume liability for data security when moving to a cloud-based backup solution, a provider using multiple data centres that are geographically diverse can offer a backup solution with more reliability and redundancy than tape backup.

Secure file transfer:

Systems/Files selected for backup are encrypted before transmission to a cloud vault and remain encrypted once they reach their destination. The only decryption key resides with the customer, and these safeguards ensure a high level of data security from unauthorised access.

On demand scalability:

As business grows, the need to backup more and more data arises. With a cloud-based backup solution in place, businesses no longer have to worry about the handling this increased data volume. Since the cloud-based solution is scalable on demand, the solution to increased need for backing up more and more data is always at your fingertips.

Low cost of ownership:

A cloud backup, recovery and restore solution takes advantage of your existing IT infrastructure, so you don’t have to buy or install expensive equipment. Cloud backup software integrates with IT environments to locate and prioritise files for backup, and then securely transmits encrypted copies of those files to offsite data centres. This results in a lower total cost of ownership as compared to the purchase and maintenance of complex tape backup systems. There is also direct saving realised due to the minimal monitoring and administration required for a cloud-based backup system.

Fragility of tape backups:

Tape backups are often expensive, vulnerable to obsolescence and can be lost or stolen when being transported off-site. Also, recovering data from a tape system can be slow process, especially if a tape needs to be retrieved from an off-site vault.

The Coffee Cup Cloud

Our cloud-based backup solution is appropriate for companies of all sizes.