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Why you need a blog

Let the world see how good you really are!

Us here at Coffee Cup are firmly of the opinion that every company needs a blog. Having a blog allows you to interact with your customers (and potential customers!) and keep them engaged with your site. Not just that, Google loves a good blog – and we all want to stay on Google’s good side 🙂 .

By keep a blog up to date, you’re showing the search engines and potential customers of the world what you really have to offer. You’ve spent a long time working on your website, you’ve got the important information in there and you’re getting a few hits now. Great! But people love to know who they’re working with.

Here are a few reasons why you should join the blog-o-sphere;

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Search engines work by reading your content and wizardry. Having a blog where you talk about things in your industry helps people find your site tremendously.

Share your expertise – Really show your customers that you know what you’re talking about.

Get people talking about you – We’ve all heard of things going viral, but it’s true. Get your company name out and about! It’s basically free PR.

Attract targeted visitors – If you’ve got good content, your blog will bring in interested people to your site.

Increase your credibility – People are a lot more likely to use your company if they trust you or feel they ‘already know you’. It’s amazing what a relationship you can strike up by just reading someone’s thoughts. It gives a human face to your website.

There are endless other reasons why you should have a blog, if you’ve not got one…why not? We here at Coffee Cup Solutions can help you to set up a blog today. Get in contact!