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Providing Support Through COVID-19

Just like a lot of you, we’ve had to put in precautions in light of COVID-19 to ensure our staff stay healthy but also that no matter what happens we continue to provide the high level of support from our support desks that you deserve and expect. Considering that, we’ve undertaken the following.

Split our team up

Half of our support team are now working from home, so if you hear the odd dog bark or crying baby in the background we apologise! The other half are staying in the office and will continue to do so. There will be no physical interaction between these teams so we can continue to offer support.

Meetings are now video calls or conference calls

Where possible, all meetings have been converted to remote meetings, by keeping separate we can limit the amount of risk by contact.

Installs / Onsite work

This has been cut down to a bare minimum where we can. In the event of an emergency / downtime or helping your teams work from home we will still come to site. We also ask that you limit any visits to the office as much as you can. Again, these things aren’t as binary as all or nothing so we will make exceptions where required.

There are a lot of unknowns going around at the moment and a lot of these precautions may not be required – however, until we know more this is how we’re going to continue to work for now. We’re happy to talk through any problems or concerns you may have, but we will continue to monitor all of your infrastructure though this with no change to your normal service.

If you need help planning for your team to work from home, give us a call on 0118 38 42 175.