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Give your PC an MOT

Keeping your PC healthy can be a seemingly unrewarding task, but it is essential to keeping your investment running smoothly and secure. Prevention is always better than cure and many PC issues can be avoided with a little housekeeping.

In recent times, PC maintenance suites have become more sophisticated and now check many elements of your PC health, however they still require a lot of user intervention and can contain lots of technical jargon that can confuse many users.

Security, for example, is the most important subject of PC maintenance and for a good reason. There are a lot of nasty bugs out there on the internet and they are always looking for a new host to infect to spread their mayhem. While I won’t go into the details of every type of infection, I can tell you some of their effects on you as the user.

  • Data can be stolen from your machine and used for blackmail or sold.
  • Passwords and billing information can be used to access your bank accounts, emails and anything you do online.
  • Data can be erased or held for ransom.
  • Your computer can become a zombie and used for illegal purposes without your knowledge such as sending out malicious emails
  • Your webcam or microphone can even potentially be used for spying and information gathering.

While security is a large focus of maintenance, it won’t improve the performance of your computer and no one wants to be pulling their hair out over a slow computer. Basic maintenance such as checking backup schedules and update schedules are very important to prevent any data loss or security risks and performance issues.

There are many programs out there that offer magical PC speedup capabilities but these quite often do more harm than good so it’s best to leave the tweaking of your PC to an experienced professional.

We offer PC maintenance check-ups on a month to month basis where we will check many areas of your PC and ensure that it is all running as smoothly and secure. This includes both preventative and curative maintenance meaning if there is a virus on your machine for example, we can clean it up and make it as secure as possible.

  • At the end of the check-up we provide an in depth report detailing everything we have checked and the result of each check including what we did to resolve it.
  • We can provide a complete peace of mind that your PC is safe and updated giving you one less thing to worry about.
  • This is done remotely meaning you can give us a time good for you and we do the rest.
Whether you have 1 or 100 PCs we can support you. Contact us or call 0118 38 42 175