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Fluid IT Services – The Assurance Package

The Assurance Package

The IT world moves at a frightening pace, there’s advances every day and with that there are new vulnerabilities coming just as fast.

Here at Coffee Cup Solutions we’ve come up with the Assurance Package which will help you and your team navigate the murky waters of the ever evolving IT world.

In 2022, we took a step back to look at what the modern workplace looks like; what threats there are, what compromises to productivity have been put in place to help combat security issues and generally what tools are required to keep the ship afloat, at least from an IT point of view.

That’s where the assurance package comes in!

Assurance Package

You can read all about the assurance package on it’s pages here – however I thought I’d explain why it exists, how it works and generally answer some of the questions we get quite a lot.

First of all, the question we get quite often is ‘Isn’t it just IT support with a fancy name?‘

I’m pleased to tell you that it is not! IT support is the core of our business, it’s what we do day in day out, but it’s become increasingly clear that a modern business needs more than just IT support; when something breaks, there should be proactive actions taken, there should be a certain level of infrastructure and software in place from the offset.

So that’s great, but what am I actually getting?

  • IT Support – So of course naturally you do get support with the package, but it’s unlimited end user support as well as proactive support. Put in a nutshell that means we’ll monitor your device remotely and try and fix things before you even realise they may be broken. We’ll cover things like application patching and Windows patching to make sure you’ve got the latest and greatest (and at all times) – more on patching later.
  • Password manager – You’ll also get access to a companywide password manager – keeping all your passwords safely stored away.
  • Email Security – One of the main ways companies are attacked these days are through targeted phishing attacks.  All email received on our assurance package is scanned to look for Phishing attacks, VIP impersonation, SPAM.
  • Endpoint Web Security – We’ll scan all web traffic your PC/Laptop/Mac accesses to search for dodgy sites, malware, phishing attacks in real time. We also have the ability to block certain categories, such as pornography and gambling.
  • Office 365 / Google Workplace Backups – An often-overlooked part of the day to day is that Office 365 (so your emails, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive etc) are not backed up. We’re not too fond of that for many reasons, so we include these backups as standard
  • Vulnerability Patching – These days, just having Windows up to date isn’t good enough, there are a plethora of vulnerabilities released daily for all things; your laptops, firewalls, routers, network storage – basically you name it, it needs monitoring. We do daily scans on all your devices to ensure there are no known vulnerabilities out there, and if there are, we’ll silently patch them in the background for you!
  • Offsite Logging – This one is hard to make sound as important as it is, as quite frankly it’s a bit boring – but really all this means is we’ll take the logs from your endpoints and ship them off to our cloud storage. Put really simply, this means if something does go wrong, we can go back through the logs even if the device has to be isolated, wiped or similar.
  • Cyber Essentials –We love Cyber Essentials, it’s a government lead framework which covers everything your business should do to help protect your business. One of the ways we’ve designed the Assurance Package is around Cyber Essentials, helping make sure you have most of the puzzle pieces in place to help get you certified. But we’ll also do an audit of your business to make sure you are fully compliant; we’ll help by providing documentation to prove the fact and even help you fill out the self-assessment online.

The one thing we don’t like about our business is the constant upselling of products, we feel that as part of your solution, the tools you need should be included in a simple per user per month cost, and so that’s how we ended up with the Assurance Package.

We’re passionate about what we do here at Coffee Cup Solutions, talk to our friendly team by either calling 0118 38 42 175 or emailing [email protected] and we can help keep you and your team working and secure.