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Are your BCP plans becoming BAU?

As a specialist in providing cutting edge technical solutions for Business Continuity Planning (BCP), we are seeing a lot of customer revaluating their Business As Usual (BAU) strategy to enable their employees adapt to a more flexible and agile ‘new normal’.

Citrix Cloud Workspace rapidly enables workforce to work from a safe location, all while ensuring security, reliability and high performance for all apps.

Coffee Cup Solutions have been securely delivering mission-critical applications without physically touching the user’s endpoint device with Citrix Cloud and Networking technologies giving organisations the flexibility to deliver apps and desktops hosted on any public cloud and/or any on-premises hypervisor provides choice and limited scalability.

  • Simplest and fastest way to deliver apps and desktops a remote workforce
  • Reduce deployment and management complexity
  • User experience that accelerates productivity under any circumstances.
  • Unified access to web, SaaS, mobile and virtualized apps
  • Deliver digital transformation where traditional security concepts no longer apply
  • Optimize and secure network connectivity