VoIP Phone Systems

Traditional communications stems are one of the most expensive business services that communications companies offer. Traditional landlines and mobile packages cost much more than they should. Now, businesses can break away from expensive traditional providers and start saving money by using VoIP phone systems (more information)

Here at Coffee Cup Solutions we provide everything you need to get your VoIP phone system online and working; we can supply, install and configure your VoIP system.

Before we design your system we will arrange a meeting with you and gauge your needs to set up your tailored phone system. By doing this we will save you time and money.

The phone packages are aimed at all types of users, whether you have an existing system and are looking to update or a start up business looking for a cost-effective phone solution.

Some of our features include

  • Fully Customisable
  • Incoming call sorting by departments (IVR)
  • 1-10000 Users
  • Follow Me features (work from home)
  • Call waiting
  • Voicemail emailed to your phone
  • Professionaly recorded voice over for your welcome system
  • Conferencing facility
  • Redundant Backup options
  • Call waiting

Please call the office on 0118 38 42 175 for friendly advice and a hassle free quote.

How does VoIP save me money?

Landlines and mobile communications packages are expensive because providers charge both a monthly service fee and a per minute rate. This means that customers are paying twice for the same service. They pay the monthly service fee for the privilege of having the service available. They pay again when they use the service. This unnecessary double billing can be eliminated by using a VoIP telephone system.

VoIP services are provided over the Internet. This makes them less expensive to maintain than traditional and mobile communications systems. Communications systems do not have to be expensive services. Signing a long-term contract with a traditional provider will get the customer a discount on rates. It will also limit the customer’s choice and ability to transfer to a more cost effective service. The rates with a long-term contract are still more expensive than a month-to-month service provided by a VoIP telephone system.

Our Business packages provide the advanced features companies require without breaking the budget.

Get a quote or give us a call on 0118 38 42 175 to get started