IT Support Wokingham

We manage your IT systems so you don’t have to

Every company is different, we work with your company to ensure we’re covering the needs of your individual users.  Our trained engineers offer a professional friendly resolution to your ongoing needs.

What makes us different?

Getting help with IT related issues can seem like a burden at times, and it really shouldn’t be. We have a ticket system, but it’s not how we like to work. When you have a problem it should be fixed right away. The majority of our IT support issues are fixed in under 5 mins of being reported.

Our monthly IT support contracts come with access to our live support help-desk who with just a click of a button on the users desktop will connect in and fixed your problem then and there. No waiting, very little time lost which leaves you free to run your company.

Not only that, but we also do preventative monitoring, your systems are monitored by our support team 24 hours a day 7 days a week, feeding back on problems or issues that may pop up before you know about it. Quite often we can fix the problem before you’re even aware you have it.

Support Rates

Our support rates are based on your company’s requirements. We charge based on how many users or servers you need supporting. We will come to your office and give you a hassle free quotation and discuss the options with a friendly non-jargon manner.

We’re flexible!

Do you have requirements that we’ve not listed on here? That’s fine! As above, get in contact today and we’ll work something out.

Why is it important to have a maintenance contract?

Technology hardware is the backbone of modern business today. However, improperly installed and maintained components can keep you out of the loop, and lose you money. Here at Coffee Cup we have over 15 years’ experience supporting mission critical systems. We know how important your IT systems are to a modern day business. By having one of our maintenance contracts, you can forget about how, why and if your systems are working and continue to work uninterrupted whilst we keep a watchful eye over your office.

What does my contract include?

Every company is different, so every quote is different. However, you can guarantee your contract will include at the minimum:

  • Fast, efficient technical support.
  • Direct access to a dedicated client manager.
  • 24/7 system monitoring from our control centre.
  • Access to our Web Control Panel where you can log errors, see current status, view common help issues.
  • Onsite and Remote support.

We also offer IT Support in Reading and IT Support in Bracknell

Get a quote or give us a call on 0118 38 42 175 to get started